A Love Story since 1973…


I discovered this instrument by pure chance at the age of 13, during an Air Force Jr Cadet music camp. From that moment on, I have played with intense pleasure every day. I love its warm and intense sound as well as the feelings and emotions this instrument gives me.  

At 15, I played in a Bavarian Orchestra and performed in numerous festivals, special events, and carnivals throughout Quebec (Canada).

I began my solo career at the age of 19, playing at cultural events, conventions, festivals, and renowned restaurants in Old Quebec.

Denis Labrie, accordéoniste au Restaurant le Parmesan

From 2000 up to 2011, I played every Saturday night at L’Oiseliere Hotel in Montmagny and Levis

Denis Labrie, accordéoniste d'ambiance

On my piano accordion, I perform a wide range of popular and classical pieces from France, Germany, Canada, Russia, United States, etc.
These songs will bring you wonderful memories….


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